Thursday, February 21, 2008

Put your "Best Self" out there fella!

So I was reading an article in the paper today about how people are stealing quotes and phrases from other people's dating profiles in order to make themselves sound better... how sad is that? I mean, what the hell happens if your stolen profile nets you a date with the girl of your dreams? You're SCREWED pal! Women are smart and they'll be able to tell in a heartbeat whether or not you REALLY finished the Boston Marathon in under 6 hours. Especially if (no offense dude) you look like you spent 5 of those hours in the nearest Krispy Kreme.

But on the other side... I realized that there are probably a lot of guys (and gals!) out there who just don't have the time or know-how to express themselves better.

Thierry Khalfa says he had a good excuse to copy: His English isn't so good. The 44-year-old Frenchman first cobbled a ho-hum profile that said he liked to cook and enjoyed walks on the beach. Then he stumbled across the profile of Mike Matteo, 47, a screenwriter in Tampa, Fla. Mr. Matteo's profile had such nuggets as, "I have a sweet tooth, love my strawberry twizzlers and cheesecake jelly beans."

Without thinking twice, Mr. Khalfa says, he copied Mr. Matteo's prose because it also fit him to a tee...
So, after reading the entire article (see my next post) I decided I'd try to help these poor schmucks who can't help themselves by creating some fake profiles and posting them here.

The way I see it, it might help curb some of the profile ganking that goes on out there... plus, I get to make some fun shit up!

So there you have it. Stay tuned for my pretend profiles and feel free to steal from them. Oh... and guys, if you ~really~ are having trouble with your profile and want to be an ~honest~ person in the hopes of ~really~ meeting someone special; come back here soon... I'll also be offering my professional writing services for a reasonable rate.

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